Step-by-step plan for exchange and return

Do you want to return an item? Then use our returns form. We can quickly process your return using the returns form. Please ensure that items you wish to return are undamaged and packaged in the original packaging, if reasonably possible. You can return it quickly and easily as follows:  

  • Check whether your return meets our return requirements
  • Report your return via the Contact form or via our customer service, as soon as you receive a confirmation of return you can continue packing your bicycle.
  • If reasonably possible, place the item in the original packaging and pack the item in a shipping box
  • Our returns address is stated on the invoice or at the bottom of the website
  • Deliver your return to a DHL point near you and send the bicycle insured via DHL for the amount you paid for it.
  • Send us a copy of your shipping receipt and keep your DHL shipping receipt in a safe place
  • As soon as we have received your return shipment in good order, you will receive an email from us
  • We will process your return within two working days
  • Once your return has been processed, you will receive a confirmation by email from us and you will receive the money within 14 working days.

 Make sure that you always mention the order number when returning, for a quick handling of the return.