H&B Exclusive Refurbished Mountainbikes

Certified and Refurbished

Let your adventure begin with your Refurbished bicycle without worries and with a heart for the environment

Overhaul - Our Refurbishing

H&B Exclusive Certified is our way of working, it is what distinguishes and defines us. Our entire team is committed to offering you the best possible quality of reconditioned bicycles on the market. That's why we check every part in detail, verify structural integrity and supply every bike with a warranty certificate of 15 months premium warranty

<tc>H&B Exclusive</tc> in three facts:

Transparency, transparency and even more transparency.Ā 

Only this can guarantee that you will be happy to buy a Refurbished bicycle from us.

How it works

All our bicycles carry the H&B Exclusive sticker. This means that the bike has passed a thorough inspection and is therefore ready for the ride.

Professional inspection

At H&B Exclusive workshop we have designed a unique certification system with more than 47 inspection points that must be checked by 2 people to ensure that the bicycle is 100% in order. Our goal is to provide you with confidence and safety by using the latest innovations to ensure your bike is reliable and of the highest quality

Technical inspection

In our spacious workshop of more than 250 m2, our mechanics give the bicycles a second life and we thoroughly assess them both technically and optically. It works as follows:

  • We check all components
  • We make sure there is no structural damage and adjust both suspensions properly
  • We clean and adjust the drivetrain
  • We replace wear parts preventively or when the bicycle needs it.
  • Front fork and rear suspension are checked under various conditions for function, leakage and blockage and, if necessary, overhauled at the manufacturer's premises.
  • Bicycle is completely cleaned and polished by hand.
  • Drivetrain is completely cleaned and free of grease and old lubricant.
  • All bearings are opened, cleaned, lubricated and, if necessary, replaced preventively or when the bicycle needs it.

In the case of Carbon bicycles, the bicycle is completely checked with special modern UV lighting to ensure that there is no internal damage. If in doubt, an X-Ray photo is taken for a better assessment.


After the technical inspection, all wear parts that no longer meet our requirements for a first-class Refurbished bicycle will be replaced. Although we try to make our processes as sustainable as possible, this always proves to be a difficult issue. Nevertheless, we strive to replace all parts that show a certain degree of wear that is no longer acceptable to us, even if it would not yet be technically urgent or dangerous to continue driving.

This has two reasons:

1. Our bicycles must be like new and show you that a young used bicycle can be a real alternative to a new bicycle. In any case, we want to prevent your first service from being an unpleasant surprise and you having to pay for the wear and tear of the previous owner.

2. It is also a matter of safety. We always want to guarantee maximum safety when delivering your new bicycle. However, this safety can only be guaranteed with truly Refurbished bicycles.


After dismantling the wear parts to be replaced, we thoroughly clean the bicycle. With us, your bicycle is first carefully removed from coarse dirt. Once the coarse dirt has been removed, we clean the drive and all areas on the frame.

Thorough inspection and installation

Now, freshly washed, we look at the frame again more closely and can recognize, check and document even the smallest damage. In addition, we now replace the previously dismantled wear parts with new parts and re-check all screw connections and small parts.

Test drive

And if everything is fine? Then we hit the road, because even if it will be your new bike, it is our duty to test the bike ourselves again, to ensure that we personally support the quality of every bicycle you buy from us.

Finishing and making it ready for sale

After the bikes have been made ready to ride, they go to our photo studio to take high-quality product photos and videos. Here, any optical defects are also photographed in detail and included in the status report and are mentioned separately in each description of the bicycle.

Everything ready? Here we go!

At the very end we prepare your bike for shipping, that is to say: pack the included accessories and package the bike so that it arrives to you undamaged! So you get a used Refurbished bicycle, for used bicycle prices, but which is technically not inferior to a new bicycle! Of course, unlike a private purchase of used bicycles, you receive 15 months premium warranty on all our bicycles and you are therefore always protected in the event of problems