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      Why a Full Suspension Mountain Bike

      We recommend a full suspension mountain bike if you like to cycle off-road and are looking for a bike that offers extra comfort and control on rough terrain. With a full suspension mountain bike you can effortlessly ride over obstacles and enjoy a smooth ride, thanks to the suspension on both the front and rear. These bikes are ideal for technical trails and downhill riding.

      Why buy a used or refurbished full suspension mountain bike?

      A used or refurbished full suspension mountain bike can be an excellent choice for several reasons:

      1. Cost efficiency: Used or refurbished mountain bikes are often significantly cheaper than new models, allowing you to save money without sacrificing quality.

      2. Value retention: Although mountain bikes can decline in value as they age, they often still retain much of their original value. By buying second-hand, you may be able to sell your bike later for a similar price.

      3. Access to high-end models: On a budget, you may be able to purchase a used full suspension mountain bike from a high-end brand that would otherwise be out of your price range as new.

      4. Environmentally friendly: By choosing a second-hand or refurbished bicycle, you contribute to reducing the demand for new production, which is beneficial for the environment.

      So be sure to consider the option to buy a second-hand or refurbished full suspension mountain bike, because this offers you the opportunity to get a high-quality bike at a lower price.

      A full suspension mountain bike is perfect for people who push their limits want to shift gears and explore more challenging routes. The double suspension provides better traction, comfort and control, which improves your riding experience on various terrains.

      What types of full suspension mountain bike are there?

      There are different types of full suspension mountain bikes:

      1. Cross-country full suspension: Lightweight and designed for speed and efficiency on moderate terrain. These bikes usually have less suspension travel for a more responsive ride.
      2. Trail full suspension: Built for technical terrain with medium travel, perfect for rougher trails and diverse conditions.
      3. Enduro full suspension: With greater suspension travel and robust construction, ideal for challenging trails and downhill sections.
      4. Downhill full suspension: Designed for maximum control and stability on steep descents, with the longest travel for extreme conditions.

      These full suspension mountain bikes vary in specifications and are equipped with different suspensions and tires to meet various needs and riding styles.

      Which full suspension mountain bike should I choose?

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      What should I pay attention to when choosing a Full suspension mountain bike?

      Choose a mountain bike with high-quality suspension

      With full suspension mountain bikes, the quality of the suspension is crucial. Air-sprung front and rear suspensions are lighter and easier to adjust than suspensions with a steel spring. Brands such as RockShox and Fox are known for their excellent suspensions.

      Check the front fork and rear suspension

      When choosing a full suspension mountain bike, it is essential to carefully check the suspension at both the front and rear. The quality and adjustment of the suspension largely determine the comfort and control while driving on rough terrain. Please note the following points:

      Front forkSuspension: Check the condition of the front fork suspension and ensure that it moves smoothly without any hesitation. Adjustable damping options can be tailored to different driving conditions.

      Rear suspension: Check the rear suspension for signs of wear and ensure it is working efficiently to absorb impacts. Adjustable dampers can be tailored to your weight and riding style for optimal performance.

      which suspension travel should I choose and how many mm?

      The suspension travel of a full suspension mountain bike refers to the maximum distance that the front and rear suspension can compress to absorb shocks. Choosing the right suspension travel is crucial for the type of terrain you ride on:

      Cross-country: For moderate terrain, 100-120mm of suspension travel is ideal for efficient pedaling and responsive steering .

      Trail: For technical terrain with rougher trails, choose 120-150mm of suspension travel for better traction and control on descents and obstacles.

      Enduro /All-mountain: For challenging trails with steep descents and big jumps, consider 150-170mm of suspension travel for maximum cushioning and stability.

      Please feel free to contact us if you need any assistance need when choosing the right suspension and travel for your full suspension mountain bike. We are ready to help you!

      Pay attention to the quality of the frame

      On full suspension mountain bikes, the frame is usually made of aluminum or carbon. Aluminum frames are robust and affordable, while carbon frames are lighter and offer better vibration damping.

      Check the components

      When choosing a full suspension mountain bike, it is important to check the components carefully. The final assembly includes all parts attached to the frame, such as the drivetrain, brakes and wheels. A well-composed assembly ensures better performance and a longer lifespan for your mountain bike.

      The best Full suspension mountain bike

      At H&B Exclusive you can find the best Full suspension mountain bikes in the range. A renowned brand stands for quality and a pleasant cycling experience. For example, consider brands such as: Cube, BMC, Focus, Merida, Lapierre, Niner, YT, GT, Trek, Giant, Canyon, KTM, Scott, Orbea, Specialized and Cannondale.

      Cube Full suspension mountain bike

      The Cube Full suspension mountain bikes are among the most sought after MTBs. These bicycles are equipped with high-quality front and rear suspension and a robust frame. Highly recommended: the model Cube Stereo or Cube AMS.

      Trek Full suspension mountain bike

      The renowned bicycle brand Trek also has quality full suspension mountain bikes in its collection. Trek has mountain bikes for different types of use: off-road, trail and downhill. Highly recommended: the Trek Fuel EX for versatile use on various terrains, Trek Supercaliber for XC use or Trek Slash for Enduro use.

      Giant Full suspension mountain bike

      Giant is known for its reliable and affordable mountain bikes. The Full suspension mountain bikes from Giant are perfect for both beginners and experienced riders. Highly recommended: the Giant Trance, Giant Stance and Giant Anthem.

      Canyon Full suspension mountain bike

      Canyon offers high-quality fFull suspension mountain bikes that are known for their excellent price -quality ratio. These bikes are designed for serious off-road adventures. Highly recommended: the Canyon Lux, Canyon Lux Trail Canyon Neuron and Canyon Spectral.

      Scott Full suspension mountain bike

      Scott Full suspension mountain bikes are popular for their innovative designs and performance. These bicycles are suitable for both competition and recreational use. Highly recommended: the Scott Spark, Scott Genius and Scott Gambler.

      Orbea Full suspension mountain bike

      Orbea offers a wide range of full suspension mountain bikes that are known for their stylish designs and performance. Highly recommended: the Orbea Oiz, Orbea Occam and Orbea Rise.

      Specialized Fullsuspension

      Specialized is one of the most renowned brands in the mountain bike world. The Full suspension mountain bikes from Specialized are designed for top performance. Highly recommended: the Specialized Epic, Specialized Stumpjumper, Specialized Stumpjumper Evo and Specialized Enduro.

      Cannondale Full suspension mountain bike

      Cannondale Full suspension mountain bikes are built for durability and performance. These bikes are perfect for riders who want a reliable and powerful bike. Highly recommended: the Cannondale Jekyll and Cannondale Scalpel.

      With this information you can make the right choice for a full suspension mountain bike that suits your needs and riding style.