Cycling plan



Buy a new bicycle and also get tax benefits from it.
The bicycle plan is a tax scheme under which a bicycle can be purchased periodically. Any accessories, maintenance and associated bicycle insurance often also fit into this plan.
How does this work?

By submitting gross salary (components) to your employer, you pay less income tax/wage tax.
The employer determines the conditions of the bicycle plan, to which must be met. These include, for example, the amount that may be spent or how often an employee may participate.
The employer also determines how the plan is implemented. He can manage the bicycle plan himself, or work with an intermediary such as NFP/FiscFree or BFN. Depending on the choice the employer makes here, the ordering, delivery and payment process is carried out.
We participate in various cycling projects. Would you like more information? Pleasecontact us.
Cycling is also healthy and you contribute to a better environment.